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Get frequent report
about your team-members
soft and hard KPIs

Perfect for remote
or distributed teams

High response rate thanks to
our innovative UX and gamification

Response rate up to 100%

Beautiful reports
and admin dashboard

We focus on people-centric design
and modern User Interface.

Beautiful reports and admin dashboard

Flexible use-cases

Customizable workflows for Daily Standup,
Weekly Retrospective, Monthly Pulse-Checks

Flexible use cases

you will enjoy


Reduce employee

Frequent retrospectives will help you detect thoughts about the possible future job resignations

Increase team

Early detection of lower satisfaction helps to prevent missed productivity and missed opportunities


Enhance company

Team-members feel engaged and heard about their ideas and tips for the improvement

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Testimonial. Find out how is your team feeling with Teambeo: Team Experience Platform.
Every month, I turn on my computer and check Salesforce report to understand the realtime performance of our sales and the pipeline. What I love about Teambeo is that it's a very similar experience, but rather than looking at our sales figures, I'm looking at something more important: how my team is feeling.
Peter Jernighan, Allianz

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