Frequently asked questions about Teambeo

What is Teambeo?

Teambeo is a modern team relationship management solution for your whole organisation.

Do I need to pay for Teambeo?

Yes. Teambeo is a paid service. You can learn about pricing option on our pricing page.

Do I have an option to try Teambeo fo free?

Yes, there is 14 days trial available for you.

Do I have a right to ask for refund, if I don't like the Teambeo service?

First of all, you are very welcome to providing feedback on the Teambeo's services.

Negative feedback, as tough as it may be, is always important, because by that we know, where are the most important options to improve the service.

If there will no other way of how to resolve your quest and meet your expectations, we provide 60 days money back guarantee if we fail to deliver the promised experience. You can read more in our Terms of Service.

Does Teambeo comply with GDPR and CCPA policies?

Yes. We are very aware of our responsibilities to you and your personal information. How we handle your personal information you can read in our Privacy Policy document, which is always a requirement to be read and agreed upon, when signing up for our services.

How many users and teams can I use Teambeo with?

Teambeo is intended for smaller teams, 2-10 people/team.
Teambeo is intended for companies with 1-10 teams.
Teambeo can be used also in larger companies or enterprises, but you are advised to get in touch with our sales department, to make sure you get all of the additional benefits, e.g. enterprise-grade functionality, security and premium support.

Does Teambeo work well with different timezones and therefore can send scrum updates asynchronously?

Yes. Teambeo has been built to work with different timezones of your team or a company from the very start.

What happens after my trial ends?

You can enter your billing information and continue to use the service. But if you don't purchase a plan, then your account will expire and you won't be able to access your social media calendar anymore. In order to access your account, renew your subscription plan or contact our support.

How do I get billed for using Teambeo?

You simply enter your credit/debit card details into the system and you will be charged on monthly/annual basis.

How does Teambeo processes my payments?

We use secure payment services provided by Stripe. Teambeo is not storing any information about your credit/debit cards.

Is there any support agent available when I need help with the service?

Yes. We offer support via live chat/emails. The availability of the support agents on the live chat may differ based on your purchased pricing package or any SLAs signed.

How do I cancel your service?

You may cancel usage of our service within your account with ADMIN privileges.

Do I get my money back after I cancel usage of your service?

Yes, we do offer refunds in some special cases defined in our Terms of Service.

What is your procedure for handling requests for data deletion?

Your account and data will be deleted upon request as described in our Terms of Service.

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